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Nomads Land Tee - Grey

Dhs. 135.00

100% cotton tee. Pre shrunk with screen print on front and back.

The ‘Nomads land’ tee is the centre of this entire collection. It is the flag that represents our undefined identity. A symbol to celebrate unbound origins; for a people who have no place in a land limited by borders. The motto found printed on the back of the shirt reads: “عشقت السفر من ظلم البشر"/“I fell in love with traveling due to human injustice”.  The language we speak here is creativity. And it is powerful. It has no conventional translation, for it is in need of none. Here lies the existence of a true melting point, one of complex culture and tradition. One that is faithful to our calling. No terms, no conditions, no compromises. As we are. Here is where detached hearts can find belonging. Nomads Land.

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